Advertising for adult sites and shops that accept Bicoin Adult (BTAD) as payment option is FREE for the first year!

Fixed Banner positions (ads will display every time when the page load as long as the campaign is active).

Minimum campain duration is 24 hours, prices and few samples of available advertising positions can be seen bellow.

You can buy BTAD coins on CREX24 or GRAVIEX exchange or you can run your own masternodes to produce you enough coins to cover your advertising fee.

All payments needs to be made in BTAD coins and sent directly to burn address: BTADBURNADDRESSxxxxxxxxxxxxy3MxPg4


Advertising Price List (monthly prices)

Header ad zone (468×60) – 500$

Footer ad zone (728×90) – 250$

Sidebar ad zone (300×250) – 100$

Under video ad zone (728×90) – 250$

Mobile Header ad zone (300X50) – 100$

Before play/pause ad zone (300×250) – 100$

24 hour preview and test your campaign – 25$

Pre-roll / mid-roll in-stream ad and other advertising – on demand

Custom banner design – 25$


Standard advertising positions and sizes on the entire site and all pages (.jpg .png .gif)

Standard advertising positions and sizes on the video categories (.jpg .png .gif)

(300×250 displayed inside video player, 728×90 displayed under video player)


Advertising positions are also available on Live Cams pages and on mobile versions.

We can also offer In-Stream Video Ads for advertising at the beginning or in the middle of the videos and other advertising customized to customer needs.


We offer advertising on all our sites including special tube sites & live cams sites like in example bellow, whitelabel sites advertising (160×600), (300×250) – 50$


Creating your own whitelabel webcam site – 300$

(price include all consultations, registrations, custom design, domain, hosting, logo, free advertising banner (300X250) for first month, etc. You will get your own working webcam site)


For more information & details: