How to earn cryptocurrency online

How to earn cryptocurrency without investing real money?!

Earn cryptocurrency online for watching porn and chatting with hot amateur girls. Even if this sounds too good to be true this is one of the best ways to increase crypto adoption and give people opportunity to discover all benefits by using it without risking their hard earned money. Follow our social channels on Twitter and Reddit and join our Discord channel to find out how to earn extra free coins.

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Few words about our project

Bitcoin Adult (BTAD) is fast, secure and private technically advanced Proof of Stake community cryptocurrency focused to become an ultimate payment solution for Adult Entertainment Industry.

This project was launched fairly without ICO funding and will be funded from the donations and personal resources of the team members. Coins from pre-mine will mostly be used for expansion to the wider audience through programs from our roadmap. Our main vision was to create adult cryptocurrency which people will be able to earn for watching porn, promoting sites from our network, performing live on cams and for uploding content on the sites while advertisers will use it to pay ads. At the same time users are able to trade it for other cryptocurrency or cash and spend it primarily for adult entertainment.

Listings on new exchanges and our marketing campaign will be based on available funds. Support the movement by making a donation. Even a small 100$ donation can help the project grow.

Dramatically faster, cheaper, and more scalable than Bitcoin in its current form, Bitcoin Adult is designed to provide a scalable and sustainable alternative to Bitcoin. Using Proof of Stake with masternodes to secure the network instead Proof of Work we solve problems like high network fees, slow transaction times and massive energy consumption. Visible and traceable transactions leaves users vulnerable as anyone has the ability to see all associated transactions and balances. To solve this problem, we implemented zerocoin protocol which enables each transaction to be private.

Bitcoin Adult (BTAD) as investment

Bitcoin Adult Team gathers people with enviable experience in Adult Entertainment Industry including experts from crypto space. If you followed crypto market in the last few months you noticed that insane ROI masternode coins are losing race with hyperinflation. Why investments based only on ROI chasing are stupid investment?! The ROI can range from a few percentage points to the tens of thousands of percent. The prospect of huge returns sometimes causes us to abandon our logic. Higher ROI means bigger money, right?! WRONG!!! Cryptocurrency is a weird place and sometimes the ROI means nothing. Just an anomaly as the project gets its feet underneath it. Usually those numbers quickly settle under 100% range for Annual ROI and slowly decrease as more investors buy and set up MNs. These are the types of projects you want to find and this type of project we wanted to create.

Sustainable growth, strong purpose for existing. Working product and actionable roadmap of the future. An active team who will find a right way to lead the growing strong community.

Partnership is the key to success

Partnership between team and community is our first step towards success. Team without community as well as the community without team are sentenced to failure so we need to work together. Partnership with CoinPayments was our most important thing for start and after elaborating all details, our coin is approved by CoinPayments and required deposit has been paid. Leading Adult sites and shops are already using CoinPayments and since we are now one of the supported coins, Bitcoin Adult (BTAD) can be used like payment solution on all those sites and shops thanks to most commonly used crypto payment gateway. Partnership with CoinPayments also opens many doors for future partnerships wich will help our coin to become widely adopted and recognized payment method using CoinPayments, secure third part payment gateway.

We already have several sponsors and partners and purpuse for this coin is no longer questionable after implementation of BTAD (Bitcoin Adult coin) as payment option. Although this is only a small preview and beginning of what we plan to do, this coin already started to have real use. Bitcoin Adult is already used as payment option or will be when we finish the implementation process on many Adult and Webcam Sites and Adult Shops. Examples of Adult Shops and Webcam Sites where implementing Bitcoin Adult on the site has already been accomplished and BTAD Coins can be used as payment method.

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”

Whether you love that quote or hate it, when it comes to the cryptocurrency space, one way you can make passive income and earn coins “while you sleep” is through hosting a masternode or simply by staking them in your wallet.

On our website you can find detailed instructions and video guide how to host a masternode and Bitcoin Adult rewards structure based on block height. Should you invest in cryptocurrencies using your life savings or take out a loan since the returns are so great?! That would be extremely stupit idea. Volatility of cryptocurrency can basically make you lose all your money if you don’t know what you’re doing. There are risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies. If you do not have the prerequisite knowledge on the technology and trading so do your own research about Masternodes, Proof of Stake (PoS) type of algorithm and cryptocurrency in general before investing. Arm yourself with knowledge before jumping on the hype-wagon.

Want to add our coin to your Shop or Webcam Site and get FREE Advertisement on our Adult Entertainment Network?!

Free listing and advertisement for first year if you accept BTAD as payment option. Small listing fee paid in BTAD if you accept at least one cryptocurrency as payment options. Still not crypto friendly but you want to promote your business with us?! For sites and shops wich dont want to accept cryptocurrency as payment options but still want to be promoted our Adult Entertainment Network we offer Sponsored Partnerships and Paid Advertisement. We can also help you to implement secure payment gateway that instantly turn coins to cash and it will not cost you anything! Reserve your spot on time and join our exclusive partners and those who have already booked their place on the first crypto platform for Adult Entertainment.

Webcam models

Important phase of our project is Bitcoin Adult adoption as payment option on cam sites with live webcam girls. Beside girls, transgenders, gay and couples will also be in our focus since they are very popular on live webcam sites. Unlike some other sites, beside our exclusive models, our vision is to integrate and broadcast live cams from other Webcam sites wich will allow performes to broadcast through our platform at the same time while they are performing on some other sites and in that way give them opportunity to increase their income.

Creating online adult marketplace and ability to use Bitcoin Adult to purchase sexy clothes, toys and accessorize will create additional balance between the supply and demand to prevent coin inflation. Additionally, we want to create the adult marketplace for freelance services with ultimate solutions where the freelancers will be able to offer their services to the clients through our platform. Our platform will also provide a space for adult dating offers with personal ads from individuals where Bitcoin Adult will be used to purchase VIP membership and paid advertising on sites.

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